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September 23, 2009

Prostate Milking Instructions

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self-prostate-massage-orgasm-2Performing prostate milking:
Prostate milking may seem a little hard to do by oneself but it can be mastered by following the instructions below.

Instructions to self-prostate milking (or with a partner):
First, put on the latex gloves on one hand, and then lubricate them with a non-allergenic lubricant (one that is suitable for anal sex.)

Next, put some warm oil on the other hand, without the latex glove, and then gently and slowly rub the testicles, one at a time at first and then both at the same time.

Then rub the oil into the area around the anus or the perineum. Gently knead the testicles so that you can get to the shaft of the penis between the two testicles, and then gently massage the shaft with the ungloved hand.

Then, slowly move the gloved hand into the perineum area again, and then slightly push inward on the perineum. Use the ungloved hand to separate the butt cheeks and to help make way for the gloved and lubricated index finger.

Don’t insert the gloved index finger to the anus yet but instead, massage the exterior of the anus until it becomes soft and pliable and unresisting to touch.

Do this in a circular motion and in a slow and steady fashion.

Re-lubricate the index finger and, when ready to insert, grab the penis at the base and then gently tug it upwards toward the glans. (Be sure that the penis is also lubricated with warm oil) As the penis is being gently pulled upward, gently insert the re-lubricated index finger into the anus for about 1 inch.

Start moving the inserted finger internally while the other four fingers of the same gloved hand are moving externally towards the testicles. Slowly move the inserted finger in and out but don’t insert it up to its full length as this could cause pain.
While lying on the back, move the inserted finger towards the scrotum and then gently feel for the prostate gland through the anus and rectal canal. Once found, gently move the inserted finger across it and then left and right.

Try to remember where the prostate gland is as you’re going to be dealing with it over and over and for a long period of time.

Stimulate the prostate gland by gently pulling the inserted finger out and then reinserting it again up towards the scrotum, across the prostate gland and then pulling it out again. Repeat this step over and over.

You can also massage the penis, slowly in an up and down motion, with the other warm oil lubricated and ungloved hand while stimulating the prostate gland.

If possible, try to time it or synchronize the up and down motion with the in and out motion of prostate milking. If need be, you can close the circle tighter around the penis.

Also, use your creativity in massaging the prostate gland with different patterns like left to right motion, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, spelling out of the letters of the alphabet and others.

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