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October 10, 2009

What does a prostate milking orgasm feel like?

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prostaatmassageMany guys have never felt a prostate milking orgasm. These types of orgasms generally feel deeper and more intense compared to a normal orgasm.

Generally, the orgasm lasts longer and usually involves a full body experince of energy and pleasure right through the body.

Some guys take time to learn to have such orgasms as it seems one needs to let go more and surrender more to the energy buildup.

Making sounds is one key to allowing the energy to move out of the pelvic area and up the body. Many guys block the full flow of energy due to early masturbation practices.

The breath is another important aspect to a full body prostate orgasm. By taking deeper and slower breathing into the belly seems to activate the movement of energy.

Practice over time allow any man to feel more and let go more and soon he will discover intense prostate orgasms from self pleasure or with an aneros sex toy.

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